About Me


90% of women of color said their childhood insecurities started with their hair. I know this is true because I'm part of the 90%. As a child I hated my hair. Back in the 80's, perming your hair was the thing to do, which led to unhealthiness and breakage. Due to this damage I did not allow my hair to show, I wore weaves and extensions to hide it, I didn't try out for sports and dance because I didn't want to alter my hair.

Hello I'm Kimberly Cornner your natural hair care specialist, founder and CEO of Kimmie Stylz Hair care products. The name Kimmie Stylz was created, to reflect her childhood nickname and her passion as a natural hairstylist. Our hair products are designed for natural kinky curly hair using natural ingredients that promote healthy hair and scalp, our detangler softens and separate curls to prevent breakage. Our products are safe for children and are cruelty free, we use ingredients such as Aloe Vera for strengthening, Olive oil for moisture, tea tree to reduce inflammation of the scalp, and other great essential ingredients like Jojoba, avocado and peppermint oil. How we differ from others, I have over 15 years of hair care experience and have heard many complaints about natural hair. I'm dedicated to teaching others on how to retain growth and hundreds of different hair products are not needed. Keeping ingredients simple and training your hair is key. 

I always knew this was a huge issue in our community. Reality set in when my daughter was 4 years old, she loved extensions because she saw mommy wearing them. One night while taking down her hair, I stopped for a moment because company arrived. Moments later my baby girl came into the room with a little blanket covering her head. I asked her why she had the blanket over her head. She told me her hair wasn't pretty without her extensions and she didn't want anyone to see her hair. The sadness I felt was indescribable, It broke my heart because I realized I was instilling insecurities in her. From that moment I vowed to start wearing and caring for my natural hair. We are our girls' first teacher. 

At the start of my hair styling career all my clients had chemically treated hair. I am proud to say 100% of my clients are natural, 40% of my clients came to me with scalp issues, 100% are now issues free and have cut their products down to 4 major products.

To expand her education for natural hair care, Kimmie has studied at the J Jireh's Natural Hairstyling School, the Western Micro Business Accelerator of Birmingham, and The University of Alabama. She is also a proud Alumni of  Renaissance Roots program and the Goldman Sachs inaugural One Million Black Women- Black in Business Program. She's the 3rd place winner of The 2022 National Virtual Pitch Contest II. Recognized in I Push magazine as Top Black Owner in the Business Directory, highlighted on WBRC Fox 6 news and ABC 33/40. Her products have been featured on Amazon, and in six (6) local beauty supply stores in Alabama as well as Kimmiestylz.com.