About Me


Hi, my name is Kimberly Cornner, I am the founder and CEO of Kimmie Stylz Hair Product. As a young child, I always had a passion for styling hair and styled every dolls’ hair I owned. Applying twist, braids, clamps, combing/brushing, etc., any style a young child could do. As a young adult, I established that I had a natural-born talent for styling hair. After High School, I decided to attend college, and then soon later decided I wanted to transition from the hair scene to the Science field. Working in the medical field and helping people has also been a passion for me also. Due to no Financial Aid assistance, I worked two jobs attending college part-time. I eventually completed my laboratory science degree, landed my first job as a Medical Laboratory Technologist; life was great. I finished college, landed my dream job, gave birth to my first child, married, purchase my first home, purchase my first brand new car. I was on top of the world. While working full-time in the laboratory, I still styled hair from time to time just because I enjoyed it so much. I absolutely loved my career, but after five years of working in the laboratory, I started developing a feeling that this career would be coming to an end soon. I had no clue why I was feeling this way because I loved what I do. I started to understand that this career choice was hindering my creative side. Around year 4, I started contemplating the idea to end this career choice, but why would I do something crazy like that? I work so hard to complete this degree and to land my dream job, why would I leave, the money and benefits are good. Not long after this, my husband and I conceived our second child. Due to my pregnancy, I was pulled out of work two months early to my due date. This time off work opened my mind and allowed my creative side to flow. I was able to open my mind, started researching, and putting my education experience to work. In addition to this time off work, I decided to return back to school to pursue my business degree. In this timespan, I  started pursuing and developing Kimmie Stylz LLC within two months of being out of work. I was a wife, a mother of two, a college student, a hairstylist, and developing a hair product line. After having so much on my plate, I then decided not to return back to work after my son. This was the biggest “Step out on faith” moment I have ever attempt (I attempted a few in my lifetime). After endless hours of hard working and developing, January 2018, Kimmie Stylz received our finished product in hand. By the end of the year, we landed a partnership with two local beauty supply stores that carried our product line top shelf. By July 2019, our product line is offered in 7 retailers from Alabama to Georgia. December 2019, we plane to have completed our 7th haircare product.